title:           eat at own risk
released:             2006
titles:                  train a‘coming / eric‘s rag / ye banks and braes / gentleman charlie / moon above the fields / one tricky pony
                            shebeg, shemore / a scot in the dark / berkeley springs / nobossa / friday afternoon / checked baggage/
                            fingers / the last fallen leaf
label:                   wonderland-records
extras:                14 duets with jacques stotzem, ian melrose, detlef bunk, peter finger, don ross, werner lämmerhirt,
                           stefan brixel, karsten nierhaus, beppe gambetta, eric lugosch, tony mcmanus, claus boesser-ferrari, ansgar dälken 
order:                  sorry - no longer available except download on itunes

title:           live on a dogs day 
released:             2008
titles:                  soulmates / shennandoah / theme from „spiderman“ / why ask why / death don‘t have no mercy / rocket man /
                            the rainbow bridge / down the road / pharaoh / ten past eleven / set ,em up, joe
label:                   wonderland-records
extras:                recordet live feat. stefan lamberty, piano 
order:                  live on a dogs day         

title:           guitar meets vocals
released:             2011
titles:                  world before columbus / calm under the waves / fields of gold / living for the city / kristinas / who knew /
                            big yellow taxi / imagine / like the way i do / night vision
label:                   knutzone-records
extras:                feat. kasachian singer alexa wichner 
order:                  guitar meets vocals        

title:           der weihnachtsverstärker
released:             2013
titles:                  let it snow / oh tannenbaum / last christmas / god rest ye merry gentlemen / auld lang syne / 
                            have yourself a merry little christmas / leise rieselt der schnee / jingle bells / white christmas /
                            driving home for christmas / sleigh ride 
label:                   knutzone-records
extras:                feat. german singer michael baum 
order:                  der weihnachtsverstärker

title:           press > to play
released:             2015
titles:                  mona ray / newland / maybe i‘m amazed / chez francois / lullaby for leo / brother, can you spare a dime ? /
                            in her eyes (elmira) / i wish (live) / harlem nocturne / long road to ruin / i can‘t make you love me /
                            happy together / i‘ll be alright (bonus track)
label:                   knutzone-records
extras:                appearances of don ross, calum graham, andré tolba, carlos boes, uli kringler, peter groesdonk, 
                            jimmy wahlsteen, john goldie, eric lugosch 
order:                  press to play

title:          40 XL
released:             2018
titles:                  the traveller / nowhere man / slow dancing in a burning room / theo / deep river blues / watercolours /
                            you gotta serve somebody / dessert affairs / god only knows / ovation / i put a spell on you /
                            drive in (bonus-track) / löcher in der wand (bonus track)
label:                   guitargig
extras:                appearances of brooke miller, stephi middel, maggy dünnwald, vanessa mischo, stefan lamberty, rolo sterges
                           & werner lämmerhirt  
order:                  40 XLmailto:peter@kroll-ploeger.com?subject=CD-order%20%22Live%20on%20a%20dogs%20day%22mailto:peter@kroll-ploeger.com?subject=CD-order%20%22Guitar%20meets%20vocals%22mailto:peter@kroll-ploeger.com?subject=CD-Order%20%22Der%20Weihnachtsverst%C3%A4rker%22mailto:peter@kroll-ploeger.com?subject=CD-order%20%22press%20to%20play%22mailto:peter@kroll-ploeger.com?subject=CD-order%20%2240%20XL%22shapeimage_2_link_0shapeimage_2_link_1shapeimage_2_link_2shapeimage_2_link_3shapeimage_2_link_4
peter kroll-ploeger
acoustic - guitar